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It’s happening again! The excitement, business cases, discussion on how the technology has matured, lessons learnt from previous such rollouts, etc. Believe it or not, it’s happening all over again. LTE Broadcast TV (a.k.a. eMBMS) is coming to an operator near you, soon.   Back in 2006, when Release-6 of UMTS was released, MBMS (without the leading ‘e’) was being hailed as a great technology that would solve many of the ills that had been plaguing the Mobile TV rollout. For example, the biggest issue was additional spectrum that was required with any of the other Mobile TV Broadcast technology, was not a problem for MBMS. In case of MBMS (Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service), the spectrum of the UMTS channel (fixed 5MHz) could be dynamically partitioned to serve the regular Voice(CS) + Data(PS) traffic and the broadcast data. None of the other competing b... (more)

TechWise TV: Carrier-Grade Virtualization for Service Providers

TechWiseTV Watch our latest episode and see how the latest technology helps service providers create, automate, and provision network services with carrier-grade virtualization, making them more agile and better able to capture new revenue opportunities. Carrier-Grade Virtualization for Service Providers Join the TechWiseTV team for this service provider’s eye-view into the innovations that can help have a significant effect on your organization’s ability to be more agile and take advantage of important new revenue streams through carrier-grade virtualization.   A must-see fo... (more)

Femto / Pico Blog

Hi all! My first post here. I want to blog once in a while about Femto / Pico technology.  My expertise is in Femto provisioning and management, but I'd like to have a dialogue about all things Femto.  Most important, I want to hear what you think.  Please comment, share Femto news and contribute to discussions. Now, to the topic of the day in the next post... ... (more)

Zen and the Art of Network Architecture

"...I'll have one with everything."  That is the possibly recognizable punch-line to an old joke about the Zen master ordering a hot dog.  I am borrowing this as a theme for the on-going transformation of network architecture. Any successful design must follow the functionality required by the end-user. People want to be able to access information, entertainment, work, and all their friends whenever and wherever they happen to be at the time.  While we love to talk about Triple-Play, Quad-Play, and Any-Play, we still see (for the most part) operators building on from a foundation... (more)

WiFi vs. Femtocell

Recently, in a comment to another post, Mike Demler asked about what benefit a femtocell would provide vs. VoIP via WiFi.   This is a long standing debate, and I thought I'd chime in.  Please comment! Generally, comparing WiFi and 3G is really comparing apples and oranges.  WiFi throughput is about 100x bigger with current technology.  3G is optimized for battery life and QoS.  Both are here to stay and Cisco is smart to sell both! Nothing should prevent people from using VoIP or VoIP-over-WiFi (VoWLAN) at home.  Skype is a good thing.  Services like this will be very hard for ... (more)